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Millboard in Lime Oak

Katherine wanted a new deck in her back garden as her old one wasn't looking so good. She was also 8 and a bit months pregnant and the baby was due in 2 weeks. She called 5 Star Decking in a hurry and told them what she wanted.

Thomas from 5 Star Decking came over for a quote and said that the deck she requested would take minimally 2 weeks. Katherine agreed and hoped that her baby would not come before that.

Unfortunately, the delivery of the wood for the deck got delayed by a week, meanly that Thomas could not get the deck done in the time before the baby arrived. Thomas set to work, determined to do well, and only a few days in did Katherine gets a shock. The baby was kicking, and Katherine had to go to the hospital mid construction. Her baby was born, cute as ever, and Thomas continued working his best and finished the lovely deck below.

Katherine is very about how it turned out, and is now doing her best as a mother. And when her child grows up, he'll be able to have some fun out on the back deck.


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