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Millboard Decking near the Pool

Ella and Harry, husband and wife, had two girls. June who is 7 years old and Lily who is five years old. They had a one-story house with a pool. The girls have lots of fun in the pool but Ella and Harry don’t have a relaxing place to watch the girls and so called 5 Star Decking to get a deck near the pool to sit and watch.

Dobsen, who runs the business, came over the next day with his pen and decking book. Ella and Harry chatted with Dobsen about the colour and price while he measured up how big the deck was going to be. He was there for about half an hour.

The family opted for the Millboard Decking  boards in the Enhanced Grain Range in the Jarrah Colour.

Dobsen left and bought the right decking metrical. The next day he came back to Ella and Harry’s house with Andrew, one of his decking mates’. While Andrew went to Dobsen’s ute to get the big decking tools, Dobsen put on his tool belt. The tool belt included measuring tape, a thick pencil, some nails, hammer, eta. After Andrew came back with the big decking tools, they started to bring the deck pieces to the back. Then, they got to work, hammering and nailing things in place. They had done a quarter of work in only half an half. Andrew and Dobsen felt proud of themselves. Ella offed a cup of coffee each. They drank the coffee happily then continued work, making it as good as possible.

At the end of the day, Dobsen and Andrew had finished the job. They called Ella and Harry and their girls. June and Lily were over happy which means, really happy! Ella and Harry smiled. ‘Thanks!’ they said, which really shows that 5 Star Decking is a good decking group and can make good decks for you!


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