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Decking in the Back Garden.

Kate and Ben met in 2009 and married in 2011. In 2013, they had a baby girl, Isi and in 2014, they got a fluffy cream- coloured dog, Alfie. Near the end of 2016, they bought a house. On the second of March in 2017, they wanted a nice back garden for Isi, (who is now four) and Alfie. The back garden didn’t have any grass, just pavement. They decided to get a good deck by 5 Star Decking. Kate wrote down what colour she wanted which was Red Rock from the Eko Deck Range , what she wanted to put in the space and what decorations she wanted while Ben phoned 5 Star Decking.

Dobsen, who owned the business, came only three hours later with his pen and decking book. Isi got busy with Alfie and Dobsen measured up the space and Kate and Ben said the colour and style they wanted. Dobsen wrote everything down in his decking book. They carried the decking pieces to the back garden. Then got the decking tools. They also put on their tool belts. They got to work, hammering, nailing and pushing the right bits in place. Alfie got in the way many sometimes but Isi rushed out and to the rescue! Ben went to the bank for the money and Kate thought Andrew and Dobsen looked tried and a little hungry and so made a chicken-toasty for them each. Andrew and Dobsen were thankful for it and also felt proud of themselves. They had done lots of work and was one quarter away from finishing! They went through their toasties and got straight back to work. They got it done forty-five minutes before dinner time.

They left and Kate, Ben and Isi waved bye before going to their brand new deck. Alfie barked happily. A week later, Kate and Ben had their dream back garden.  Hanging lights hung all around, a fantasy silver table and two fantasy silver chairs sat in the middle and in the left corner was a small water fountain. And it was all because of 5 Star Decking.


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