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What ? An Aluminium Deck - I don't think so....

Dawn and Jean, loved married couple, live together up in the coast by a nice coastline of Umina Beach.

They have a deck that's really old, and they want a brand new one, nice and clean and dark bluey. They have had a few other builders come to their home to have a look at the deck and most have said they would have to take down the whole frame and start from scratch which would cost lots more.

That's where 5 Star Decking come in. With the help from their leader, Dobsen, they pulled off making a beautiful, good-as-new deck, just the way Dawn and Jean like it, from a price that's suits them both. And now they can look at the lovely forest around them, without worrying about buying a new one.

The project used is Nex Gen Decking Dry Decking in the Deep Ocean Colour.


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