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We go back and do correction on past Decking Jobs

Over here in Perth is a public holiday, it’s Labour Day. However, at 5 Star Decking we still do quoting and today we actually did a correction job. It was a job we did back in December on a Next Gen product around a spa and the client had reported that some boards, or fascia boards was a bit loose and she wanted me to come back and have a look at it and there were some other things that she wasn’t too satisfied with.

So it’s important to us a 5 Star that we do a good job and if we do have a call back that we go out to it promptly. So I went out there today and spent about an hour fixing it, even reviewing it and see what else needed fixing, which I fixed promptly.

As a result, there is some more work that she wanted done at her property which I will quote on. There is a saying that we have that is every complaint comes about new opportunity and we like to keep clients happy. And if it is a legitimate complaint then obviously we will fix it with our 6 months workmanship guarantee and I will continue to go back to the job as long as you know she is not happy with it then we will fix it. But I think this will be the last time I got out there.

She is very stoked with the services and we will quote on some more work at her property out in. Hope everyone else is having a nice day.


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